The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (Book Review)

The Diary of a young girl is a story of a young Jewish girl who was born in Frankfurt, Germany but lived most of her life in Amsterdam, Netherlands.    This book is an Autobiography. It's written by Anne Frank herself but reading it as a novel would not have been possible if Otto Frank(Her …

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Am I Thankful to God?

Through this blog, I want to share a lesson that I learned while driving my car. A lesson for life. I was just scrolling down my old pics and found this. It revived the memory that I had with this picture. It was the of the summer of 2017 when my body was pleading for …

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Metamorphosis by Franz Khafka (Book Review)

When one day Gregor Samsa woke up from a terrible dream, he found himself transformed into a horrible giant vermin. Gregor Smasa who is a travelling salesman with this transformation found himself stuck in disillusionment and was struggling to adapt his new form. Metamorphosis is counted as Khafka's one of the finest classic novel. It …

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